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Servicio de mantenimiento, asistente de habla inglesa, plomería, pintura, instalaciones eléctricas, servicios preventivos de AC. Trabajos de Remodelación y supervisión


Maintenance Service, english speaking assistant, plumbing, painting, electric instalations, A/C’s preventing services. Remodel jobs and supervising works.

4/5 (1)
4/5 (1)
4/5 (1)
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4/5 (1)

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  1. PiedraenPlaya

    I used CallFix for some small repairs in my condo – replacing a sink faucet was one of the things. The job wasn’t done to my satisfaction. I messaged them and the next day they came out, fixed the problem (they needed to purchase more parts) which took quite a while and didn’t charge me anything additional. This type of warranty service is hard to find here and as a result, I recommend this company highly.

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